Shut up and Listen! 2007
  soundscape - field recording - phonography  
  Gabriele Proy: "Forum Klanglandschaft FKL"

Presentation, December 4th, 2007, 19.30
  The European Soundscape Forum (FKL - Forum Klanglandschaft) is meant to be a mediator between people from different branches, who are concerned with acoustic environments and sonic spaces. FKL is aiming at and supports activities in science, art and education. It initiates and promotes relations between these fields that aim at widening sensitivity for the sonic environment and improving its quality, and support active and creative listening. Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland are permanent members of the FKL, which was founded in Switzerland in 1996. Since 2001 the presidency has been situated in Austria. FKL is an association without any commercial objectives. Everybody who has an interest in listening and designing the acoustic environment can join.

  [Gabriele Proy - Canada 2007, Saskatchewan, Foto: Charles Fox]
  Gabriele Proy

Gabriele Proy (b. 1965) is a composer and sound artist living in Vienna. She holds a Master of Arts in composition and sound art, a Diploma in computer music and electronic media and a Teacherís Diploma in guitar from the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Her compositions have been performed and broadcasted in Europe, Australia, Japan, Canada, Latin America and the USA. She teaches Soundscape Composition and Sound Design at the Vienna University, at the Danube-University in Krems and at the ARD.ZDF Media Academy in Nuremberg. Since 2001 she has been the president of the European Forum Klanglandschaft FKL.
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