ABOUT          PROGRAMME          SUAL AWARD           PRESS          IMPRESSUM          SUAL HOME The Interdisciplinary Festival for Music and Sound Art SUAL enters 2011 its sixth season. This edition's title  NEAR WEST points at current contemporary music and art practices from Israel and neighbouring Arab  countries.   SUAL 2011 provides a stage for artists from the so-called ‘Near East’, some of whom found a second (maybe  temporary) home in Austria or other European countries. The festival’s title NEAR WEST implies a change of  perspective regarding the – sometimes utopian - proximity to the ‘Fortress Europe’, and at the same time  reflects on the manifold cultural connections between ‘estranged siblings’. SUAL 2011 strives to present  exceptional artistic positions in the realms of music, sound art, as well as related artistic categories. Far  beyond political demarcation lines, a geographic region is explored by artistic criteria, individual  idiosyncrasies are highlighted, individual collaborations encouraged. The scope of SUAL 2011 ranges from  contemporary instrumental compositions free improvisation, electroacoustic electronic music, and world  music, to artistic creations within the domains of documentary film and media art. Additional activities  include a lecture about Arabic music, a panel discussion and an open call for new works in collaboration with Austrian and international music institutions.     Vienna, August 2011 Bernhard Gál and Belma Bešlić-Gál shut up and listen! 2011 Interdisciplinary Festival for Music and Sound Art