shut up and listen! 2011 Interdisciplinary Festival for Music and Sound Art Festival Programme December 8th and 10th, 2011 Thursday, December 8th, 2011 18.00 gold extra (AUT): Frontiers – A video game which leads to the borders of Europe Opening 18.30 Hossam Mahmoud (EG): The Sons of Uncles. Musical Traditions of the Near East Lecture 19.00 Hossam Mahmoud (EG) & Frank Stadler (AUT): The Breath of Purity - For Oud and Violin (FP) SUAL AWARD 2011: Award ceremony and presentation of selected works           Winners: Cormac Crawley (IE), Christopher Haworth (UK), Wysozky (FR/AT/CZ) Mazen Hussein (SYR/ GER): Mémoire, Hommage, Départ – Electroacoustic Music Franz Hautzinger & Mazen Kerbaj (AUT /LB): The Return of Abu Tarek – Trumpet & Trumpet Saturday, December 10th, 2011 17.00 Samuli Schielke & Daniela Swarowsky (NL/FI/AT): Messages from Paradise #1, Egypt:Vienna  About the Permanent Longing from Elsewhere - Documentary Film 18.00 S. Ayyaz, B. Gál, M. Hussein, mise_en_scene, O. Schneller, D. Swarowsky: Near West Panel Discussion 19.00  Amr Okba (EG), Yoav Pasovsky (IL):  Works for Harp           Gabriela Mossyrsch, Harfe (AT) Seth Ayyaz (UK): The Bird Ghost at the Zaouia – Multi-channel Sound Art Performance mise_en_scene (IL): Midrone - Electroacoustic Music Oliver Schneller (DE): Polis - Eight Channel Concert Installation Permanent Presentation Dec 8.–10, 2011 gold extra (AT): Frontiers - Frontiers - A video game which leads to the borders of Europe ABOUT          PROGRAMME          SUAL AWARD           PRESS          IMPRESSUM          SUAL HOME