Samstag, 1. Dezember 2012, 21.00 Carlos Casas (E) SIBERIAN FIELDWORKS (FIELDWORKS#10) - Audiovisuelle Präsentation SIBERIAN FIELDWORKS (FIELDWORKS#10) (english only)  A selection of Fieldworks captured in location during 2006-2007 in Chukotka, Siberia, Russian  Federation Fieldworks are a series of films, a part of an ongoing experiment with ambiental video and  radio frequencies, a sort of landscape video notes I have been developing since 2000, with  these works I try to capture the atmospheric qualities of a landscape through visual and audio field recordings captured on location. Using image and sound asa sort of spatial instrument, I am interested in short waves signals and VLF, their atmospheric qualities and sound, capturing the radio waves in each of the landscape I portray, allows me to grasp another dimension of it. A sort of enhanced perception. I am interested also in the asynchronous randomness of the  relation between soundtrack and film. I see this work as a sort of post structural film, where documentary and experimental film manners meet. [Carlos Casas] Carlos Casas Carlos Casas filmmaker and visual artist. his work is a cross between documentary film, cinema, and contemporary visual and sound arts. His last three films have been awarded in festivals  around the world from Torino, Madrid, Buenos Aires, and Mexico City and some of his video  works have been presented in collective and personal exhibitions. He has just concluded a  trilogy of work dedicated to the most extreme environments on the planet, Patagonia, Aral sea, and Siberia. He is currently working on a film about a  cemetery of elephants on the borders  between India and Nepal. His works deals with the idea of survival, death and the archaic, as a modern day explorer. His audiovisual research pretends to question the way we understand ourselves and our changing  environment, Pushing the ways we envision the audiovisual experience. He is founder of Map  Productions with his partner and wife Saodat Ismailova and runs the audiovisual label Von  archives with fellow artist friend Nico Vascellari. ALLGEMEIN          PROGRAMM          SUAL AWARD          PRESSE          IMPRESSUM          SUAL HOME shut up and listen! 2012 Interdisziplinäres Festival für Musik und Klangkunst