Friday, November 30th, 2012, 20.00 Lasse-Marc Riek (D) - CANCELLED! Helgoland - Acoustic field recordings of animals and landscapes Helgoland The island Heligoland is located three hours of sailing time off the German coastline. An  island in the midst of the North Sea, bearing many stories from World War II, and vast  breeding grounds for arctic birds. Storms and strong winds are daily routine at the red  island. Various birds such as gray seals, northern gannets, or young guillemots with their  famous cliff jumps, call for exciting listening situations. Three years of acoustic field  research result in a sonic portrait of animals and environmental sounds. For 'Far Out', a soundscape composition is being presented within the context of a live  performance. Lasse-Marc Riek Lasse-Marc Riek uses field recordings, storing them with different recording media, and  editing, archiving and presenting them in different contexts. Since 1997, he has worked  internationally presenting exhibitions, concerts, lectures and projects, as well as giving  guest performances in galleries, universities, art museums, churches and museums.  Contributions to public media as well as various broadcasts; Awards, scholarships and artist- in-residence programs throughout Europe and Africa. Co-founder of the German label  Gruenrekorder. ABOUT          PROGRAMME          SUAL AWARD           PRESS          IMPRINT          SUAL HOME shut up and listen! 2012 Interdisciplinary Festival for Music and Sound Art