Saturday, December 1st, 2012, 21.30 Michael Vorfeld (D) GLÜHLAMPENMUSIK - Audiovisuelle Performance GLÜHLAMPENMUSIK (LIGHT BULB MUSIC) An audio-visual performance One of the main reasons why the light bulb becomes a threatened species not only in the European Community, are new regulations and prohibitions which are connected to the  discovery of the Ozone depletion (the ozone hole) observed since the late 1970s at the  South Pole and the North Pole — two geographical areas far away from our point of view. Because of environmental regulations based on this knowledge, a light source, which had been a mass-produced product just a short time ago, will soon disappear. At the same  time, the light bulb receives a reappraisal and is given special attention similar to the  one it received at the beginning of its more than 130-year-long history. With LIGHT BULB MUSIC Michael Vorfeld presents an audio-visual performance using  sounds that are generated by different light bulbs and actuating electric devices. The  changes in the light intensity, the incandescence of the filaments and the rhythmic  variety of the flickering and pulsing lights is directly transformed into a comprehensive  and microcosmic electro-acoustic world of sound. A complex and manifold music arises,  which finds its counterpart in a vivid play of light and shadows. Michael Vorfeld Michael Vorfeld, musician and visual artist, based in Berlin, plays percussion and self  designed stringed instruments and realises electro-acoustic sound pieces. He works in  the field of experimental, improvised music and sound art and is often involved in site-  specific art projects. He realises installations and performances with light, works with  photography and film. Besides his solo activities he is a member of various ensembles  and collaborates with artists from different art forms. His activities include numerous  concerts, performances and exhibitions in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. ABOUT          PROGRAMME          SUAL AWARD           PRESS          IMPRINT          SUAL HOME shut up and listen! 2012 Interdisciplinary Festival for Music and Sound Art