Shut up and Listen! 2007
  Interdisciplinary Festival for Music and Sound Art, Vienna, December 2007  
[Petra Sandner: Fieldscape]
Shut up and Listen! 2007 - soundscape | field recording | phonography

Shut up and Listen!
enters 2007 into its second season. After a focus on 'hoerspiel, radio art and acusmatic music' at SUAL '06, this year's edition features another current manifestation of contemporary music creation: 'Soundscape - Field Recording - Phonography' are inter-related and relatively young terms, which all deal with the compositional and artistic reflection of environmental acoustic situations. This artistic interest in 'the soundscapes of our world' often transcends the limits of traditional art categories: from contemporary music, to sound art and (so-called) media art. Throughout the last years numerous new artistic positions emerged, not least hence to the fast technological developments in the field of mobile recording.

Bernhard Gál / Ernst Reitermaier (curators)




























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