Freitag, 22. November 2013, 19.30 SHUT UP AND LISTEN! AWARD 2013 Helga Arias Parra (E/CH): Cellolar Synthesis Cellolar Synthesis The form of this piece is based on the general idea of a continuum or sound stream, which is  roundly built by the addition of the different cello strings. In this sense, the different  “fermatas” do not correspond to sections but to the addition of a higher string. The initial  gesture starts to build a whole structure in which the direction is purely circular. The  electronics are conceived in order to merge together with the instrument and create a  perfect symbiosis between the two of them. The artificial resonances are intended to extend  the sounds of the cello and leave place to a “meta-instrument”. All the samples used in the  electronic part come from real cello recordings, transformed by a wide range of techniques  such as granular synthesis, filters, stretching, resonators, etc. This piece was premiered by  the Spanish cellist Mery Coronado (Ensemble Taller Sonoro) at the RCSM Victoria Eugenia of  Granada and by the Italian cellist Marco Simonacci at the EMUFEST festival of Rome.   Helga Arias Parra Born in Bilbao, Spain. She obtained her piano diploma in the city of Granada, Spain. After that  she began her composition studies in the same city, with the composer Juan Cruz Guevara and  later in the conservatory Giuseppe Verdi of Milan, where she studied with Mario Garuti and  Javier Torres Maldonado. Besides, she has received lessons from other composers such as  Georg Friedrich Haas, Mark André, Alberto Posadas, Dániel Péter Biró, Ken Ueno, Cristóbal  Halffter, Dominique Schafer and Javier Álvarez, among others, and participated in master  classes with Helmuth Lachenmann, Philippe Manoury, José María Sánchez Verdú or Daniel  Teruggi. She has recently been awarded in the international contest “Città di Udine” as well  as in the  RCSM Victoria Eugenia de Granada contest for Symphonic Orchestra. Her music has  been played in festivals such as EMUFEST of Rome, the Klangwerkstatt in the Konzerthaus  Berlin, Festival Mixtur in Barcelona, Atlantic Music Festival in Maine, USA, Foro Internacional  de Musica Nueva (Mexico), Domaine Forget (Nouvelle Ensemble Modern) Canada, Casa del  Suono in Parma (Italy) or Etchings Festival (France). In October 2013 she participated in the  Experimentalstudio Academy of the SWR Freiburg. Currently she lives and works in  Switzerland and is taking Master's Degree in Computer Music in the Conservatory of Parma at  the same time, with the composer Javier Torres Maldonado. 
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