Friday, November 22nd, 2013, 19.30 SHUT UP AND LISTEN! AWARD 2013 Jamez Dean (B/CH): Stone Whispering (a brick through society's window) (50% more) Stone Whispering (a brick through society's window) (50% more) This composition consists entirely out of sounds made by red clay building bricks. The  duration, number of channels and recordings were decided by chance. Therefore 8 different  pieces of bricks with an attached contact microphone were separately put in water and  recorded. Due to their material and construction process, they microscopically start to absorb  water and release tiny air bubbles. Each piece, dictated by its own nature and structure, is  reacting in a specific way, generating a unique pattern of sounds and is making its own  dialogue. As bricks are irremovable and undeniable present in the current world situation; this  is an endless composition, where the start is the end and the end can be replaced by the  start. It forms a never ending symbolic circle, sonic curve of all the bricks surrounding us in  buildings, which never can be erased from history. Therefore each of the recordings was  reversed and put before the authentic recording. From the start till the middle the listener  hears the eight reversed recordings. From the middle till the end the listener hears the eight  original recordings. For the stereo version all 8 reversed and original parts are layered over  each other. By chance operation 4 of them are panned to the right, the other 4 to the left.  This is a '10:00' rendition by a 50% time-stretching of the original'15:00' composition (hence  the addendum (50% more). Jamez Dean Jamez Dean, born in Belgium and based in Switzerland, is an experimental composer and  conceptual visual artist. Starting with experimental music at the age of 15, the focus changed  to visual art while doing a bachelor in photography. Due to some contacts made by music  photography, he collaborated musically in some side projects in other genres of music  (techno, metalcore, industrial, drum & bass, …). The interest in experimental music started  again by a class on sound art while doing a master in 3D multimedia. After that a huge amount  of time was spent on self-study in composition and electronics. And the focus was put both on  visual art & experimental music, its combination and performances.   Explained shortly the compositions can be considered under 2 categories:  - (automatically) generated compositions  - extending micro sounds in to macro sounds  http://www.jamezdean.com
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