Donnerstag, 21. November 2013, 19.00 (Eröffnung) Yumi Kori Mon – Portable Infinity Device – Architekturobjekt Mon – Portable Infinity Device (2006) Materialien: Museumskarton, Acrylplatten, Dimensionen: 10 x 10 x 10 cm All my installations are site-specific. I attempt to change the way in which the viewer  perceives the context and the meaning of an already existing space. By installing a variety of  elements, I strive to reevaluate the various relationships existent between different people in  society, and between internal and external. I explore and redefine the flow of space and  time. For me, space and time are compatible ideas. Space is perceived through one’s  temporal experience, and time is experienced through the movement of physical space. My  installations are architectural. Here, the word architectural is meant to differentiate my  concept from the traditional meanings of the word sculptural. My installations invite viewers  to inhabit a place and to explore it within and outside. They also work as framing devices;  viewers are invited to discover new sections and perspectives of an existing space. Portable  Infinity Device is a portable architecture. It is not a sculpture to look at. It creates a space  within. Viewers are invited to enter the space by looking into the doorways. It also works as a  portable installation device that changes the viewer’s perception about the site around it.  Since this device generates “infinity” anywhere when it is installed, viewer finds the fact that  “small space can be vast” or “space is not limited, the size of the space changes depending  on how you look at it“. Portable Infinity Device creates “Infinity” by the magical effect of  light. There is no outside light sauce, but inside of the device is gleaming. The architectural  detail of this device collects light around it and gives a effect on human perception. Thus,  Portable Infinity Device is light installation work. In modern society, all the space is measured  and counted, but space will never be countable. I would like to communicate with people that  space is unlimited and it all is depending on human perception.  [Yumi Kori] Yumi Kori Yumi Kori is a Japanese-born artist and architect based in New York and Tokyo. From 1996 to  2004, she was active as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia and Barnard College and  has taught Japanese architecture seminars and design studios. Additionally, she has lectured  at many other Universities including Yale University, Parsons the new School for Design,  Nagoya Institute of Technology Japan, and University of Brasilia. Along with her architectural  projects and set designs for dance companies, Kori has created numerous art projects. She  works with the context of the place and transforms it into another space by using light, sound  and architectural settings. Her installations invite visitors to walk into the space. Audiences  experience the altered space through their body and senses. Thus the visitor discovers new  spatial and temporal dimensions hidden in the existing space. Projects have been realized in  public space, ruins, abandoned buildings and museums throughout the world, including New  York, Seattle, Washington DC, Berlin, Basel, São Paulo and Tokyo. She has been invited by  numerous art organizations, such as Urban Glass, NY in 2009; Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh in  2008; Sacatar Foundation in Bahia, Brazil 2008; Guest Atelier at Warteck, Basel, Switzerland  2006; Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Swing Space in 2005; and ISCP, International Studio  Curatorial Program, NY in 2004.
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