Festival Programme November 20th-23rd, 2013 Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 – Jesuit Church, Vienna 20.00    Hermann Nitsch: orgelkomposition in 4 sätzen – Organ Concerto Thursday, November 21st, 2013 – Echoraum, Vienna 19.00    Introduction to the installative contributions by Sabine Groschup, Yumi Kori and Gunter Schneider   19.30    Jean-François Laporte: Mantra – Electroacoustic Music 20.00    Wolfgang Gratzer: About endless music – Lecture  21.00    Radu Malfatti: Claude-Lorrain 1 – For Trombone and Sound Projection 21.30    Gunter Schneider & Barbara Romen: IM ROHR – Sound Performance Friday, November 22nd, 2013 – Echoraum, Vienna 19.30    SHUT UP AND LISTEN! AWARD 2013  – Award ceremony and presentation of selected works              Awardees: Helga Arias Parra (E/CH), Jamez Dean (B/CH), Felipe Otondo (CL/UK) 20.30    Alvin Lucier: On the Carpet of Leaves illuminated by the Moon               Michael Moser: Locomotion Traces – Michael Moser, violoncello 21.30    John Cage: ASLSP – Manon Liu Winter, piano  Saturday, November 23rd, 2013 – Echoraum, Vienna 11.00    Listening Room & Brunch:              Éliane Radigue: Trilogie de la Mort (Kyema) – Sound Projection Permanent Presentations, November 21st–23rd, 2013 – Echoraum, Vienna Sabine Groschup: (JC{639}) – Experimental Film / Video Loop Yumi Kori: Mon – Portable Infinity Device – Architectural Object Gunter Schneider: IM ROHR – Sound Sculpture Admission:          Nov. 20th                Pay as you wish (Organ recital at Jesuit Church)                          Nov. 21st & 22nd     7.-/ 5.- I Both Days: 12.-/ 8.-                          Nov. 23rd                Pay as you wish (Listening Room)
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