Friday, November 28th, 2014, 21.30 DUO SOUFFLÉ (Theresia Schmidinger, Clarinet I Doris Nicoletti, Flute) Peter Jakober: weit beisammen DUO SOUFFLÉ The Duo Soufflé was formed by Doris Nicoletti (flutes) and Theresia Schmidinger (clarinets) in 2005. The  two musicians have commissioned numerous compositions and work in close cooperation with composers  to expand the repertoire for the duo flute and clarinet. Contemporary music offers a wide field to  explore the sounds of these two families of instruments. The rich colours and expressiveness of flute  and clarinet, in both sound and noise, are the foundations which allow the creation of differing shades  of blending, fusion and contrast. The duo sees a logical continuation between instrumental music and  voice, and the artistic use of breath and air when playing a wind instrument. The duo have performed  several theatrical pieces for speaking, singing and acting musicians and have also worked with writers,  actors and dancers. Peter Jakober: weit beisammen (2010) [for flute, clarinet and live-electronics] Patterns of pulsations, bisbigliandos, quarter-tone trills and tonal scales are  interwoven into dense, vibrant acoustic spaces. The live played sounds are  simultaneously recorded and played back with a delay at minimal - faster or slower -    factors. The velocity variations are generating temporal and harmonic microtonal  textures, constructing a floating overall sound. The increasing density of the sound  blurs the perception of the single sounds and their sources. After a peak in the middle  of the piece, soft multi-phonics are remaining, whose characteristic beats undergo  duplication, extension and opening. The accelerated playback of the live sound  provokes a reflection of the phenomenon on the overall sound. The final soundscape of  the piece is developed and shaped within this relationship.   [Peter Jakober] Peter Jakober Peter Jakober is adept at a range of instrumentations, from pieces for mixed choir to various chamber  combinations, and like most composers in his generation, is completely at home both with live  electronics and notated scores. He grew up in southern Styria, learning accordion and piano and began  his studies at the University of Graz in technical mathematics, musicology and philosophy before  beginning to study composition with Georg Friedrich Haas and Gerd Kühr at the University for Music and  the Performing Arts (Graz). He graduated in 2006 with distinction, receiving a promotional award for  music from the city of Graz and in 2007 a state scholarship for composition from the Austrian  government, as well as a scholarship for a four month stay in Rotterdam from Styria. He won first prize  for 'Puls 3', a piece for an automated piano competition, 'Ghost Note Competition'. He has had numerous  performances and commissions with major new music ensembles in Austria and Europe, including the  Ensemble Recherche, the Klangforum Wien, for festivals including Wien Modern, Musikprotokoll Graz,  Paul Hofhaymer Music Festival, Klangspuren Schwaz and with the festival Sacra!.  From 2003-2008 he  organised a platform for young composers, Hörfest Graz, which he founded with Erich Ranegger. After  stays abroad in Rotterdam and Cologne he currently lives in Vienna. (Text Tamara Friebel)
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