Donnerstag, 27. November 2014, 19.00 (Eröffnung) MAX NEUHAUS American can  I Klangperformance I Performers: Alle, die daran teilnehmen wollen American can Klangperformance American Can is a piece in which a large number of any single product manufactured or distributed by the  Merican Can Cp. is distributed on the ground, in a large crowd. The quantity of the product used must be at  least enough to completely blanket the area of distribution with one layer. The ground upon which the  product is distributed should be hard enough to insure that a sound is made when the product is bounced or  slid along it. Each piece is labelled with a version title and the words AMERICAN CAN and Max Neuhaus Sept'  66.  [Max Neuhaus, A Max Sampler, in: Source. Music of the Avant-garde, 1966-1973, issue 5, January 1969] American Can wurde im Rahmen des 4th Annual New York Avant Garde Festival im New Yorker Central Park  am 9. September 1966 uraufgeführt. MAX NEUHAUS Max Neuhaus was born in 1939 in Texas, and spent his childhood in Fishkill, New York. He began his studies in music at the Manhattan School of Music under Paul Prince’s mentorship. In 1958, he met John Cage, and  this encounter determined his decision to become a professional percussionist. After a solo tour in Europe in  1965, Neuhaus started developing projects that went beyond the strictly musical realm; among them were  site-specific pieces that he was the first to call sound installations. In 1968, as he started a research  residency at the Bell Laboratories, Neuhaus ceased performing as a musician and fully devoted himself to  sound art. Since then, his work has been exhibited internationally in museums and galleries, including solo  shows at the Museum of Modern Art, New York (1978); Musée d’art moderne de la ville de Paris (1983); the  Kunsthalle Bern (1989). He was also included in Documentas 6 (1977) and 9 (1992), Kassel, Germany; the  Whitney Biennial, New York (1983); and the Venice Biennale (1999). In 2008, an exhibition of Neuhaus’s  drawings was organized by the Menil Collection, Houston, which coincided with the inauguration of a new  installation, Sound Line. Neuhaus passed away in February 2009 in Italy. []
shut up and listen! 2014 Interdisziplinäres Festival für Musik und Klangkunst
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