Thursday, November 27th, 2014, 19.00 (opening) MICHAELA SCHWENTNER ELEMENTS II   I Audiovisual Work | Screening I In cooperation with Paul Clouvel ELEMENTS II Audiovisual Work | Screening ELEMENTS II was a cooperation work of French composer Paul Clouvel and video artist Michaela  Schwentner. According to the structure of the electro-acoustic composition the structure of the video  work is very minimalistic—it is computer generated and consists only of geometrical forms in black and  white, accompanied by sound-synchronised flickering dots. The single elements are modulated by  sound-input and change their positions and/or appearance according to certain sounds or sound  arrangements. [Michaela Schwentner] MICHAELA SCHWENTNER *1970 in Linz, lives and works in Vienna. Conceptual video artist mainly working with time-based media (film, video, sound). Studies of philosophy, history, history of the arts, dramatics and  film theory in Vienna. Video/Filmworks  Orchester 33 1/3 [1997], transistor [2000], r4 [2000], sZ [2001], grainbits [2001], take the bus [2002],  the future of human containment [2002], JET [2002], giuliana 64.03 [2003], how do you want m.?  [2003], tucker [2004], der kopf des vitus bering [2004], tester [2005], la petite illusion [2006], swinging  [2006], composition set // image transformed // mozart moved [2006], bellevue [2008], ridin’ [2008],  alpine passage [2008], speech [2009], des souvenirs vagues [2009], canranc [2010], mouvements et  cadeaux III [2010], prospects [2011], 26 days (2012), un divertissement d’amour [2012], PENELOPE / IN  THE SCENERY / REFLECTING / RELATIONS  (2013), The Contest (2014) Installations pas de deux, v-port mqw wien [2009], la route du paradis, sauna brut konzerthaus wien [2010], It will  all be different, Area53 wien [2011], PROSPECTS, imPORT wien [2012], PROSPECTS modifiés, rhiz wien  [2012], NOCTILUCA, steirischer herbst graz [2011], ANGEPASSTE VERHAELTNISSE, K48 wien  (2013),  PROSPECTS.split, kulturbrücke fratres (2013); autoradio, kleylehof nickelsdorf [2009], Chanter toujours, hörstadt linz [2011] 
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