Thursday, November 27th, 2014, 19.00 (opening) TINA FRANK HABALOOP  I Audiovisual Installation I In cooperation with General Magic HABALOOP Installation with Nine Small Screens Habaloop consists of 9 small screens hanging on a wall in an array of 3 x 3. The work shows 9 related  animations of a bigger fi lm composed of flickering stripes in pure screen colours Red Green Blue.  Habaloop also hosts an according soundloop, which—depending on the presentation situation—will be  heard together with the animations or can be downloaded via QR-Code or URL on a mobile device  connected to the internet, such as modern smart phones.   Habaloop are framed frames, that is to say, looped sequences each encapsulated in its own screen.  Through disassembling a longer linear movie into smaller looping pieces with diff erent time lengths  presented together in one array, the viewer is able to see the work twofold: on the one hand we can see  the underlying structure of the movie performed by the diff erent fl ickering stripes; on the other hand  we can also observe and compare the diff erences in the individual phases of the movie. The work is  dissected and the constituent parts spread out. What remains is a simultaneity that shows the movie in  ever changing compositions. [Tina Frank] TINA FRANK born: Austria living and working in Vienna and Linz Tina Frank is a graphic designer and media artist as well as professor for graphic design at The  University for Art and Industrial Design in Linz, Austria. The focus of her work lies in Print, Corporate  Design, Signage Systems and within the experimental field of music visualisations. Taschen Books listed  Tina Frank in their book »Graphic Design for the 21st Century« among the top 100 graphic designers  worldwide. Many of her coverdesigns have been published in numerous design reference works and are  considered influential. With generative tools she creates immersive works to visualize  music, hotel  rooms, etc. Since October 2008 Tina Frank is head of the department of graphic design and photography  at the University for Art and Industrial Design in Linz. In 2010 she organized the international symposium »REAL FAKE – reality as image, image as reality«, which dealt with the design and mapping of reality.  Tina Frank has given many presentations on how to link design, music and the moving image.
shut up and listen! 2014 Interdisziplinäres Festival für Musik und Klangkunst