The interdisciplinary Festival for Music and Sound Art shut up and listen! enters its ninth season.  Indebted to a transdisciplinary attitude, SUAL 2014 will include instrumental and electroacoustic  music, media art, audiovisual presentations, a lecture and a listening room. After last year’s focus  on ‘endless music’ this year’s edition will feature musical and artistic strategies which show  discrete-eventful, repetitive, or pulsating constellations. Some Keywords: Beat | Loop | Pattern |  Pulse, and/or: Instants | Events | Moments - i.e. compositional, extra-musical or conceptual as  well as transmedial approaches of the most diverse makings and provenience. Tina Frank presents nine video loops that are made audible on mobile phones via a QR-code,  Michaela Schwentner shows a minimalist audiovisual work, in collaboration with French composer  Paul Clouvel. Musicologist Gerhard Kubik talks about Auditory Illusions in African Music, while Lukas  Ligeti takes Kubik‘s research as a reference point for his solo recital Polymetric Choreographies for  Drum Set. The duo Brandlmayr//Hegenbart relates in their ‘Observations #1’ to the complex  textures in the swarm behaviour of birds. The second festival day gets started with the SHUT UP AND LISTEN! AWARD 2014 and the  presentation of price-winning works. Lukas Schiske performs exceptional works for solo percussion  by Peter Ablinger and James Tenney. The Duo Soufflé presents a composition by Peter Jakober,  where the live sounds of clarinet and flute are interwoven with their electro-acoustic derivates,  resulting in microtonal textures. London-based media artist Simon Longo focuses in his audiovisual  performance We are made of water peculiar reflections of a vibrating water surface. Finally, SUAL  2014 comes to an ending with a collective listening session featuring Ryoji Ikedas digital sound  meditation Matrix [for rooms] and a subsequent brunch. Belma Bešlić-Gál und Bernhard Gál
shut up and listen! 2014 Interdisziplinäres Festival für Musik und Klangkunst