shut up and listen! 2016
Interdisciplinary Festival for Music and Sound Art









Thursday, December 8th, 2016, 19.00 (opening)

Daniel Pabst


Daniel Pabst: SOUND|ARCHITECTURE (Ausschnitt)

[Daniel Pabst: SOUND|ARCHITECTURE (excerpt)]


-> artificiality, strict composition, isolation and in search of the own subjective perspective...

The formal language surrounds emotional and aesthetical permanence, using precision, reduction and minimalism for finding an absolute moment in architecture — where form finds perfect understanding and a compact cultural history. Photography is a suiting medium to develop these ambitions in terms of architecture. Such photos have more weight than those which try to capture a moving moment (which street photography does perfectly). This may sound pretentious which would be a misunderstanding. It's rather difficult not to put this topic into ‘heavy concrete foundations’, since the construction of a single building already results in a mass of processes. I exactly try to interact with this topic, to capture a formal understanding in an aesthetic way, suiting the object and finally making the topic lose some weight.

[Daniel Pabst]

Daniel Pabst

Born in 1971 (Vienna). Studies of Jazz guitar and Jazz composition. Involved in many music and art projects. 2011 debut of his band PABST where for the first time he appears as a singer and songwriter. Further permanent bands were Noisy Town Groove with the drummer and composer Lukas Ligeti, Trafo, an electric guitar quartet, and Tricsson, an Electronica band. Collaborations with Dezibel 6to 6 string and Bella Angora, a performance artist (production for the Donaufestival 2013). Started to work as a photographer at his father’s Gallery (Michael Pabst - Munich) Exhibitions: 2016 Dallas CAC Member Exhibition 2015, PhotoMonth London, photo::vienna 2015 at MAK - Vienna, New York City - EyeEm-Awards 2015, 2014 Lange Nacht der Museen - Klagenfurt/Austria, Kubatur des Kabinetts - Fluc/Vienna, a.o. EyeEm Award Finalist 2015, out 200.000 applications Top 100 and Top 10 of the category "The Architect". Accordingly exhibited in New York City/Brooklyn/U.S.A 2015. Honorable mention at 2015 MIFA (Moscow International Photo Award).

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