shut up and listen! 2017


Interdisciplinary Festival for Music and Sound Art





Thursday, December 7th, 2017, 19.00 (Opening I)

Peter Ablinger

Hinweisstücke — Exhibition

Peter Ablinger: Hinweisstücke (Augenbinde)

[Peter Ablinger: Hinweisstücke (blindfold)]

Hinweisstücke (Reference Pieces)

pieces which often exist
only in their title;
one can execute
or visite,
do or
think them

[Peter Ablinger]

Peter Ablinger

By now I have grown older, and use glasses increasingly often. With glasses I can see roughly as well as I used to. Without glasses I see less, and distant things in particular are blurred. So I have the impression that my radius of perception is narrowing, withdrawing to the point from which I gaze. I have the impression that without glasses, I lose something of the world that I can still retain with glasses. The impression (the illusion) is interesting, because one wonders what really makes the difference between a world that is reached (even better) and one that is no longer (or less well) reached.

Peter Ablinger, born in Austria in 1959, has lived in Berlin since 1982.