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shut up and listen! 2019


Transdisziplinäres Festival für Musik und Klangkunst







Freitag, 6. Dezember 2019, 21:30

Franz Hautzinger & Petr Vrba


[Franz Hautzinger | Foto: Daniel Cemborek]

[Franz Hautzinger | Foto: Daniel Cemborek]

[Petr Vrba | Foto: Svetlana Seleznava]

[Petr Vrba | Foto: Svetlana Seleznava]


Hautzinger & Vrba

A unique meeting of two respected improvisers who relentlessly seek beyond instrument limitations. Carefully listening and inspiring each other for new trajectories during their instant compositions, exploring sonic possibilities of their instruments and common environment, creating a joyful journey for the listeners, that‘s what we can expect from the world premiere of this trumpet duo.

Franz Hautzinger

One of the most prolific experimental musicians, coming from the Austrian scene, currently living in France, Franz Hautzinger is trumpeter, composer and improviser who continuously creates his own musical world, where the boundaries of styles and genres seem to be obsolete. Hautzinger has developed his quarter-tone trumpet to a whole new kind of expression. The sounds he creates sound often more like electronic music then a trumpet.


Petr Vrba

Petr Vrba often works with extended techniques, preparation and bass clarinet mouthpiece on trumpet. Besides acoustic modulation of idiomatic usage of trumpet he also uses electronic devices to modulate the sound, ring modulator for example. Besides playing trumpet he uses more and more electronic equipment, often body controlled and/or DIY electronics.