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shut up and listen! 2022


Transdisciplinary Festival for Music and Sound Art







• Other esthetic preferences, cultural backgrounds, technologies.

• Other methods, goals, insights.

• Other personalities. Other opinions.

• Other questions. Other answers.


Under the Motto AMONG OTHERS, the 17th edition of the festival shut up and listen! exclusively presents artists resp. collectives which haven’t be featured in previous festivals, for various reasons.

During a period of continuous polarisation and extremism, qualities such as listening to each other, a respectful solidarity, an openness towards different perspectives, seem more precious than ever. In 2022, we intend to engage with artists who may represent diverging opinions or esthetic preferences. Thus, we are interested in artistic contributions which focus on ‚otherness‘, in intercultural constellations or other disciplines.

sual! 2022 includes eleven concerts / performances, an exhibition, a sound installation, film- and video screenings, a listening room as well as artist talks and a panel discussion. After two festival editions which had to be presented under severe restrictions resp. as an online event (due to Covid-19), the upcoming festival will be conceived in a hybrid format, taking place at the echoraum, Vienna as well as an Online Streaming event.

Once again, we strive to shut up and listen (to others)!

Bernhard Gál, Artistic Direction